Episode 16 – Operations Boss Championship (Part 1)

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Episode 16 – Operations Boss Championship (Part 1)

  • ⭐ Group Topic: Trash Talking Operations
  • ⭐ Solo Topic: None today!

Disappointing Other People


This is the Operations Boss Fight Championship, where Scya and I will pit fight against fight for all of the Operations in SWTOR currently.

So to start, how many Operations are there in the game? Well, some of us were surprised to find there are Eleven currently Operations in the game!

  • Eternity Vault ✔️
  • Karagga’s Palace ✔️
  • Explosive Conflict ✔️
  • Terror From Beyond ✔️
  • Scum and Villainy ✔️
  • Dread Fortress ✔️
  • Dread Palace ✔️
  • The Ravagers (next episode! #17)
  • Temple of Sacrifice (next episode! #17)
  • Gods In the Machine (next episode! #17)
  • Nature of Progress (next episode! #17)

And a Partridge in a Pear tree! A 12th Operation is allegedly coming sometime in 2022, don’t hold your breath though or you might die waiting.

So for this episode we are going to pit fight against fight to see what we think are the best fights across all Operations and which ones should go right in the garbage!


  • February Events:
  • Gree Event (February 8 – 15)
  • Dantooine Pirate Event (February 22 – March 1)
  • Expansion (February 15)
  • Anniversary Event New Rewards (February 15)

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