Episode 2 – Space Bar Plz

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  • ⭐ Group Topic: Flashpoints in the Groupfinder
  • ⭐ Can’t Make This Sith Up: Cleanse Me
  • ⭐ Flying Solo: Gearing Solo

Disappointing Other People

Flashpoints, doing them, queing them, etiquette and the great space bar debate


This week in you can’t make this sith up, calling for a cleanse when literally everyone in the group needs a cleanse. On a recent trip to veteran mode Dxun a tight-knit group was forced to pick up a rando, from the fleet of all places, in order to raid. After spending the entire operation talking constantly despite having no experience whatsoever in the zone, as the group approached Apex and began discussing Contagion cleanses the guest vanguard dps declared in all caps I WILL CALL WHEN I NEED A CLEANSE. A healer in the group whose name has been redacted but who might now be on a podcast responded by telling him that at that point in the fight everyone, in fact, needed a cleanse and that he would be told when he would receive one. Her message was ignored by the rando who continued to type CLEANSE ME in all caps after every Contagion, but refused to stand in the correct spot to be cleansed resulting in multiple wipes. Perhaps that vanguard was confused about mechanics. Perhaps he does not know how to behave as a guest in a raid. Or maybe, in this reporters opinion, he was a fucking troll.


Gearing! Is it worth it solo? What types of content are worth it? What are some good ways to gear solo? Gearing at low level?

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