Episode 13 – We’re Back Baby!

You’re listening to the Star Forge podcast with Scya and Mal, two nerds who  have a lot to say about Star Wars: The Old Republic and all its ‘features’ – rest assured, the podcast is working as intended.

⚠️ This podcast is rated E.S. for extremely silly and may contain bad words bad jokes and other bad content that is not suitable for children maybe it is we don’t know we’re not their parents.

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Episode 13 – We’re Back Baby!

  • ⭐ Group Topic: Raid Personalities
  • ⭐ Can’t Make This Sith Up: Backstage
  • ⭐ Flying Solo: Character Personalities vs IRL

Disappointing Other People

  • We have talked in the past about events, world bosses, Operations, Flash Points, group etiquette etc. What we didn’t talk about is how our personalities have an impact on what aspects of the game we choose to play and what we do
  • Mal: Scya, tell me about who you are in the game. I know you stream, I know you have team Chaos in the mornings and I know you stream nim raiding Thursday night. Are you a “raid leader”?
  • Mal: SO, what do you need to BE a raid leader? Do you need to know everything about what you are doing? You could lead ranked pvp, you could lead an Operation, a FP team etc. Is it your job as raid leader to know everything?
  • Mal: I think there are a couple of rolls in groups and it depends on the situation, how big your group/guild is and stuff like that. I feel like I’m at least 50% raid leader and 100% cruise director. How many times have I magically managed to pull 3-4 fills for a raid out of my bag of tricks? A lot. And I do it for almost all the groups I am in and I do it just about every week.
  • Every group has people of different personalities, and I know that a lot of people shit on extroverted people.

STUDY/SURVEY by DrSWTOR: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/354282601_Personality_Motivation_and_Online_Gaming

PODCAST about it: https://ootinicast.com/2018/09/ootinicast-episode-343/


  • Let’s talk about how your personality impacts how you play the solo class stories for now. I have heard a lot of people say, about SWTOR and other games, that they just cannot be mean at all for any reason no matter how hard they try. They just cannot deviate from their own personality to even make different choices in a game because they feel bad. Or on the flip side people find they just can’t be nice to a certain character at all no matter what is going on in their playthrough.
  • So tell me Scya, when you go through the story did you decide before you started how you were going to play it?
  • Do you have a character that is a mirror of your  personality?
  • Do you base other characters off of people you know?
  • Are you able to make decisions like spacing those engineers in Esseles in a for-real playthrough or are you a big softie?


  • Feast of Prosperity January 11 – February 1, 2022 (three weeks)
  • Expansion launching February 15, 2022

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