Episode 35: A History of Xpacs Part 6: Legacy of the Sith

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Episode 35 –  A History of Xpacs Part 6: Legacy of the Sith

We are covering the history of expacs as a series!

⭐ Legacy of the Sith

Scya: If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you’ll know we’ve been talking about every expansion, launch by launch, what they included, and how players felt about them at the time. If you haven’t listened to the rest of this multi-part series, you may want to back track, as each expansion launch episode will give you a lot of insight into why veteran players felt the way they did when the latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith, came out.

Mal: Okay so lets kick this off here, 7.0 a patch we all know and remember well because it is still going on. Scya, what is the release date for this patch and what is the controversy surrounding that?

Scya: 7.0 was announced early in 2021, to the great excitement of many players. It was originally supposed to debut late in the year, and the expansion was supposed to launch with the new story, new flashpoint, new combat style system, new operation, and new daily area on Manaan. In November of the same year, it was announced that the Operation and Daily area would be pushed back until January 2022, and we still didn’t have a date for the actual expansion that was supposed to launch during the “holidays”. At some point, we got a livestream, where the date was finally announced for December 2021!

Mal: Unfortunately, a week before it was supposed to launch, the announcement came that the entire expansion was going to be delayed until February 2022, which is when it finally actually launched – but it still wouldn’t include the operation and the manaan daily area.


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