Episode 6 – Credits Lies and Exploitation

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Episode 6 – Credits Lies and Exploitation

  • ⭐ SPECIAL REPORT Topic: Economy & Inflation

Special Report

The inflation in the Star Wars economy has been steadily getting worse and worse and it all seems to have come to a head today. On the forums today there was a post titled “BioWare, GTN Prices are insane, it’s time to do something”

  • Hot Topic – Hypercrates are now so expensive, they are selling for over a billion credits and so players are trading them in general chat instead of GTN.
  • How did it get that way
    • Exploits
      • Over the years various ways that allowed to to duplicate credits or items
      • During the worst one billions of credits were generated by taking advantage of the in-game vendors
      • The duplicators then went and bought all the rare items on the GTN, so the billions of credits were distributed even to normal people
      • And when the accounts were banned the legitimate items were also deleted, making the supply low and the credits in the non-banned economy high
      • The credits from the multiple exploits over the years were also laundered in various ways – send them to a friend, send them through the guild bank, stash them in the legacy bay, etc. and not all credits still in the hands of exploiters were even banned or removed
      • THE BIG ONE companion gifts cleared out the economy
      • Plug to learn more
    • Quests and vendors give too much credits
      • Quests reward a ton of credits
        • This makes credit selling worse
      • Can sell items to vendors for tons of credits (ex level 75 gear)
    • How is inflation fixed?


CALENDAR IS AVAILABLE! https://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20211001

  • Feast of Prosperity October 12 – November 2,
  • Double XP October 12 – November 2,
  • Bounty October 19 – 26, 2021

PTS: The Jedi Knight, Imperial Agent, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter and Sith Warrior are all up for testing!

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