Episode 28 – Star Wars Celebration 2022

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⚠️ This podcast is rated E.S. for extremely silly and may contain bad words bad jokes and other bad content that is not suitable for children maybe it is we don’t know we’re not their parents.

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Episode 28 – Star Wars Celebration 2022

Mal: So today we are going to drive the spaceship into the real world here as Scya recently took a trip to Star Wars Celebration 2022! So I’m 99% sure people already know what this is all about but just for kicks Scya tell the people what IS “Celebration”?


Mal: That being said, the first stop on our tour is going to be your cape! Now I was lucky enough that you actually shared this project with me about a month before it was actually made so thank you for that. Scya tell me about this cape!


Mal: Tell me next about a few things you got to do because you are you. Here you are Scya but mostly you are known as the one, the only Swtorista and you got to do a ton of very special things including an Old Republic panel! Give me the details

Scya: Answers

Mal: And did you get to visit any other panels that really interested you that you were not the star of?

Scya: (Dave Filoni & tales of the Jedi panel, Behind the Scenes ILM & Mando panel)

Mal: I also heard you left there with a special and very exclusive present from a certain bag company that I personally freaking love (I actually just got my backpack zipper fixed on the one I own and love). Tell me about your trip to Loungefly!

Scya: (Has a free Revan bag you lucky lady!)

Mal: Speaking of the perfect bag for cosplay, lets talk about cosplay! I hear there was a Cosplayers of the Old Republic booth and a photo shoot!

Scya: Tells all about that

Mal: I find this fascinating because I did cosplay way back in 2015 and it was wild because about 300 people had signed up to do it at a cantina event but only 8 people actually showed up and now it’s crazy how popular this has become. Besides the Old Republic cosplay what other good outfits did you see?

Scya: (Talks about the billions of star wars costumes you saw)

Mal: Lets loop back to SWTOR here for a moment– I feel like they were very well represented at Celebration, did you get a chance to sit in on any SWTOR dev talks? Did you meet anyone working on or who had previously worked on SWTOR?

Scya: (Dev talks, Darrin DePaul yes? What else go on girl)

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  • • Update 7.1 – PTS end of May, 7.1 targetted mid-summer
    • Swoop Event – Level 20+ – May 31 – Jun 7, 2022
    • Gree Event – Level 50+ – Jun 28 – Jul 5, 2022
    • Rakghoul Event – Level 50+ – Jun 14 – 21, 2022