Episode 33 – A History of Xpacs Part 4: Knights of the Eternal Throne

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Episode 33 – A History of Xpacs Part 4: Knights of the Eternal Throne

We are covering the history of expacs as a series!

⭐ Knights of the Eternal Throne

Mal: Here we are again friends, this is the 4th major xpac in SWTOR and it is called Knights of the Eternal Throne or as the people call it KOTET. Early access was November 29, 2016. If you have not played KOTET and you do not want to hear spoilers turn us off now, re-listen to an earlier episode, or go see shit you can’t make up in an EV HM. Always something new there. So Scya what is the elephant in the room here?

Scya: So this xpac was once again free to subscribers as with the last expansion KoTFE, but the bantha in the room here? This was released at the very end of 2016 so at this point it had been almost 2 years since SWTOR released major story and game updates. This felt especially long to end game players because there were no new Operations released with KoTFE so now it has been almost 3 years with no new end game content, and this fact was actually a big turning point in how I engaged with the game. We’ll talk more about that later, let’s quickly list what we did get.

Mal: When 5.0 launched we got new story: 9 fully fleshed out chapters when the patch dropped. Two new planets Iokath and Nathema although you don’t really go to Nathema so that’s kind of a weird thing for them to promote. The level cap went up to 70, all your 65 gear now garbage. Uprisings were introduced in this patch as well, we’ll talk more about those later because Scya and I feel differently about those.

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