Episode 32 – A History of Xpacs Part 3: Knights of the Fallen Empire

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Episode 32 – A History of Xpacs Part 2: Knights of the Fallen Empire

We are covering the history of expacs as a series!

⭐ Knights of the Fallen Empire

Mal: We are back again with the 3rd xpac in SWTOR, Knights of the Fallen Empire or as we call it KOTFE. Early access was October 19, 2015 and general admission started October 27, 2015. If you have not played KOTFE and do not want to hear spoilers you should turn this off now.

Scya: Talk about this and then, the price of the xpac was very different. Kotfe was not a direct buy, you gained access to KOTFE instead by subbing to the game for 1 month. No extra money required.

Mal: This is a huge departure from the past 2 xpacs and it is probably due to the fact that I think a lot of free to play people were playing the game, a lot of people who had subbed to the game had unsubbed due to a lack of end-game and other content. They clearly wanted free-to-play people to start subbing and older players to come back and remaining subscribers to feel like they were getting something shiny and new for free.

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• Update 7.1 –  targeted mid-summer
• Pirate Incursion Event – Dantooine, Level 20+* – Jul 12 – 19, 2022
• Bounty Event – Level 15+ – Jul 26 – Aug 2, 2022
• Nightlife Event – Nar Shaddaa Casino – Confirmed to be coming this year