Episode 34: A History of Xpacs Part 5: Onslaught

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Episode 34 –  A History of Xpacs Part 5: Onslaught

We are covering the history of expacs as a series!

⭐ Knights of the Eternal Throne

Mal: Welcome to part 5 of our History of Xpacs series and we have finally hit good old patch 6.0: Onslaught. I feel like this is what most people are going to remember best of all these xpacs because it was so recent and so recently overridden hahahahah! If you don’t want your spoiler-free brain overridden with our spoiler discussions for Onslaught the exits are marked overhead.

Scya: This expansion’s story release was actually quite interesting. So they released Ossus, which was quite story-rich and was a pretty expansive planet, but more importantly, was not launched as an expansion – it was just a big content update, and it came in December 2018. Although players were of course hoping for a full expansion, I think people were pretty happy with how much was on Ossus.

Mal: But then we didn’t get the actual expansion until October 2019! Almost a full year later, with only a small story update on Dantooine in-between.

Scya: Once Onslaught actually launched, Ossus was rolled into it, and you had to catch up with story content on Ossus if you hadn’t done that prior to this patch, you could not skip it on your ship. The story brought us two new planets, Onderon and Mek-sha, a new flashpoint, a *GASP* New Operation, Dxun.

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