Episode 3 – You Get What You Pay For

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Episode 3 – You Get What You Pay For

  • ⭐ Group Topic:F2P/Preferred Grouping Up
  • ⭐ Can’t Make This Sith Up: Kolto Stations
  • ⭐ Flying Solo:Fashion


Tv from the intro:

Disappointing Other People

F2P/Preferred Grouping Up

What options does f2p have for grouping up?
Is this fair?
Is it healthy for the game?
Do you think we will one day see raid passess or subscription tokens return?
Mal: Lets talk about how I see frequently on the forums that f2p people complain about aspects of the game they can’t access and their entitlement to things they don’t pay for.


This week in You Can’t Make This Sith Up, pressing kolto stations in a group with a fully geared healer. Kolto stations – wonderful additions to veteran mode flashpoints or an annoyance? In recent flashpoint excursions a fully geared, experienced healer whose name has been redacted to protect her family and friends, found that despite all group members never dropping below 90% health, players would continuously stop what they were doing in order to press the kolto stations. If a player’s health suddenly dropped from 100 to 95%, rest assured that person would immediately interrupt their current action to slow-walk to the h hiealing station. Curiously, upon arrival at the station, even if their health had been fully restored by the healer, they would press the panel anyway and then begin their leisurely walk back to the boss. An even more peculiar phenomenon in this story is that these kolto stations seem to make people stand in all AOE, conal, cleave and ground circle damage at all times, turning a simple veteran mode flash point into a bloodbath that not even a healer and several kolto stations could salvage. Perhaps these players were unaware that they had a healer in their group. Perhaps they believed that these magic healing stations could save them from mechanics. This reporter will leave you tonight with a direct quote from the beleaguered healer “If you’re going to stand in all that shit, fuck it, heal yourselves.”


Mal, Scya, do you care about how your characters look?
Touch on F2P / Expensive fashion, status symbol
ex White/White Black/Black is considered “rich” so much its all over Zakuul
Touch on earned fashion – adaptive gear, reputation, crafted, etc
If you could have any fashion/armor added to the game, what would you add?

Obi-wan parachute pants (Steadfast Master):

Outrider’s Jacket:

Darth Sion:

Sensuous dress:

Ajunta pall mask:

Descendant heirloom lightsaber:

Tythonian force masters lightsaber:

Fan Hat, something like this:


Events: Waiting for the next event calendar. Feast of Prosperity end of October, and Life Day halfway through December. — UPDATE POST-RECORDING: NEW CALENDAR IS AVAILABLE! https://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20211001

News: None. Little updates on the screenshot contest 1920 or bigger, until Oct 5th.

Galactic Seasons: over! Next season will start with the next expansion, “holidays 2021”

PTS: The Jedi Knight, Imperial Agent and Sith Inquisitor are all up for testing, hoping to get the final class for testing soon.

Here is something from today– Someone on the forums asked about cantinas. Remember the one they had to cancel?

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