Episode 43: SWTOR Wishlist

You’re listening to the Star Forge podcast with Scya and Mal, two nerds who  have a lot to say about Star Wars: The Old Republic and all its ‘features’ – rest assured, the podcast is working as intended.

⚠️ This podcast is rated E.S. for extremely silly and may contain bad words bad jokes and other bad content that is not suitable for children maybe it is we don’t know we’re not their parents.

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Episode 43 (we skipped 42!): SWTOR Wishlist

⭐ Group Topic: Group Wishlist
⭐ Can’t Make This Sith Up: Save the Vorantiki
⭐ Solo Topic: Solo Wishlist
⭐ Flashpoint: Cademimu

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  • If you are listening to this episode on the day it was released patch 7.1.1 has been implemented with lots of changes, updates and improvements to the game. Galactic Seasons Season 3 was also included in this patch and features a new companion, mounts, cosmetic items and a reputation track. The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally is in full swing and will end on October 25th. Be on the lookout for the Feast of Prosperity event which will start on November 1 2022 and end on November 29th. That’s it for the news.


Lullabye of the Vorantikus music – copyright free music: Forest Lullabye by Asher Fulero https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKn6_1iFFC5fxSmFgVC9Fsw