Episode 18 – Launch of Legacy of the Sith

You’re listening to the Star Forge podcast with Scya and Mal, two nerds who  have a lot to say about Star Wars: The Old Republic and all its ‘features’ – rest assured, the podcast is working as intended.

⚠️ This podcast is rated E.S. for extremely silly and may contain bad words bad jokes and other bad content that is not suitable for children maybe it is we don’t know we’re not their parents.

(Legacy of the Sith launched Feb 15, we recorded this February 21, and are posting it March 4th. On March 2 a new round of test server testing started with a lot of bug fixes showing up, nice. – Swtorista)

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Episode 18 – Launch of Legacy of the Sith

  • ⭐ Special Report: 7.0

Disappointing Other People

Mal & Scya discuss the tumultuous launch of Legacy of the Sith, the newest expansion in Star Wars: The Old Republic, aka 7.0.

  • Story
  • Flashpoint
  • Combat Styles + Second Combat Style
  • Ability Changes
  • User Interface Updates + New Character Creator
  • Loadouts
  • New Gearing System
  • Galactic Seasons Season 2


  • March Events:
  • Bounty Contract Week Date: March 8th – 15th, 2022
  • The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally Date: March 22nd – 29th, 2022
  • Anniversary Event New Rewards (February 15 till 2023)

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